The brick building erected at Riverdale Cemetery in 1915 now serves as the location of the office of the city’s Cemetery Division Chief. The Foundation has raised funds to augment city monies for restoration of the building, so that rearranged spaces now also include:

  • a large space created by enclosing the original arched passageway with3
    glass, providing an area which can be used for funeral services or for
    use by families wishing to gather before or after a burial;
  • a room specified as a museum area appropriate for display of artifacts
    relating to various people who are buried in any of these cemeteries, as
    well as space for genealogical research and other cultural and educational activities;
  • an area for maintenance staff
  • a restroom
  • handicap access to the building

Records of burials in all city cemeteries are located in this building. Interments have always been listed chronologically in ledgers; since the 1950s, additional records have been kept in a card file, alphabetically by last name; and since 2001 the records are also kept in computer files.