The Foundation

The Riverdale-Porterdale Cemetery Foundation is a diverse group of residents of the Columbus area who have at least one thing in common: an interest in these three city-owned cemeteries. Those interests are based on having family members buried here, or on the unique heritage and historical significance of Porterdale, Riverdale and East Porterdale Cemeteries.

Since 2006, the Foundation has concentrated its efforts and funds on landscape enhancements, educational and research activities and plans for building renovation. Recent accomplishments include renovation of the 1915 Riverdale Building, providing space appropriate for gatherings, and an area for display of pertinent artifacts for all three cemeteries. A printed brochure and semi-annual newsletters describe the cemeteries and highlight people and events of interest to the public.

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, having achieved IRS tax exempt status in 2008. It has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Columbus Consolidated Government for cooperative efforts on these three city-owned properties, and holds an Associate Membership in the Georgia Municipal Cemetery Association.

Mission Statement

To sustain and enhance the beauty and dignity of Riverdale, Porterdale and East Porterdale Cemeteries.

To emphasize the shared heritage of the region while  embracing the cultural and ethnic diversity of the families represented here.

And to promote educational efforts highlighting the historical significance of those buried here.

THE DALES SOCIETY, created in 2012, seeks to promote and further the mission of the Foundation in all three cemeteries.

Membership is available at various levels, and renewal messages are sent annually.  Membership forms may be obtained at the Riverdale Building or by using the Contact Us page on this website.